The Semi-automatic Disposable Biopsy System


The Semi-automatic Disposable Biopsy System

The semi-automatic Disposable Biopsy System PrimoCut is suitable for applications in which one or more tissue samples are taken from a patient in the same intervention. It is used for Biopsy of soft tissues such as the prostate, kidneys, liver, and a wide range of soft tissue tumours. Two different puncture depths of 10mm or 20mm can be selected depending on the desired size of the Biopsy material.

PrimoCut Overview

PrimoCut Features & Advantages

1. Depth Adjustment

  • System can be tightened to the first (10mm) or second lock-in position (20mm)

2. Securing Mechanism

  • Removing the securing element before triggering
  • Prevents unintentional system initiation - increased user safety

3. Trigger

  • Advance the inner needle manually until resistance - biopsy chamber is open
  • Pressure on the clamping pistion, the outer needle slide automatically over the inner needle

4. Biopsy Needle

  • Depth graduation in 1cm steps - enables a simpler determination of the puncture depth
  • Sharp grinding - minimised tissue deportation
  • Large biopsy material chamber

PrimoCut Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

18G x 100mm (1.20mm), sterile

415S120100 10

Suitable coaxial cannula 14G x 98mm for biopsy instrument 16G x 150mm (1.60mm)

413S200112 10

Suitable coaxial cannula 17G x 162mm for biopsy instrument 18G x 200mm (1.20mm)

413S150162 10

Suitable coaxial cannula 17G x 98mm for biopsy instrument 18G x 150mm (1.20mm)

413S150112 10

16G x 200mm (1.60mm), sterile

415S160200 10

16G x 150mm (1.60mm), sterile

415S160150 10

16G x 100mm (1.60mm), sterile

415S160100 10

18G x 280mm (1.20mm), sterile

415S120280 10

18G x 250mm (1.20mm), sterile

415S120250 10

18G x 200mm (1.20mm), sterile

415S120200 10

18G x 150mm (1.20mm), sterile

415S120150 10
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