Economical Complete System


Economical Complete System

The TrokaCut puncture set from Pajunk is a cost-effective complete system for taking bone marrow samples. The functionality is identical to that of the TrokaBone puncture set and it is vailable for single and multiple biopsy.

TrokaCut Overview

TrokaCut Features & Advantages

1. Bevelled Hollow Grinding

  • Simplifies puncture in interaction with rotation and pressure

2. Tapered Needle Tip

  • Simplifies needle advancement and biopsy collection

3. Bayonet Lock

  • The outer needle and the solid stylet / inner needle are firmly connected to each other by a semi-transparant bayonet lock

4. Depth Markings

  • Markings in 1cm steps for easy operation of the puncture depth

5. Insertion Aid

  • Hides the serrated grinding during biopsy removal and minimises the risk of injury

6. Ejection Stylet with Depth Markings

  • For checking the length of the tissue cylinder

7. Multiple Biopsy

  • With additional inner needle
  • Integrated biopsy chamber for additional specimen protection and simple extraction

TrokaCut Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

13G x 100mm (2.4mm) with bevelled hollow grinding

1147-1C010 5

11G x 100mm (3.0mm) with bevelled hollow grinding

1147-1E010 5

11G x 150mm (3.0mm) with bevelled hollow grinding

1147-1E015 5

11G x 100mm (3.0mm) with inner cannula and bevelled hollow grinding

1147-6E010 5

TrokaBone TrokaCut Brochure

TrokaCut Instruction for use - XS190146D

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