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Chiba/ChibaSono cannulas

PAJUNK® Chiba cannulas are approved for a variety of applications, including percutaneous cholagiography, cytological biopsy, prenatal diagnostics and general percutaneous applications.

In cooperation with Dr. Chris Mitchell, Pajunk has developed a new generation of cannulas that provide improved ultrasound visibility of the needle tip and shaft.

The Chiba cannulas are available with the following features:

Sophisticated arrangement
The cannula segment is equipped with 60° offset cornerstone reflectors all around.
  • Perfect identification of the cannula is guaranteed in every position.

Visibility independent of the insertion angle
The nature of the Cornerstone reflectors guarantees optimum reflection behaviour regardless of the insertion angle.
  • This ensures safe operation – without restrictions1)

1) Edgcombe, Hocking, Sonographic identification of needle tip …, 2010; 35(2): 207–211

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