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PlexoLong Sono NanoLine

The kink resistant catheter with stainless steel helical coil

The PlexoLong Sono enables with its integrated stainless steel helical coil an unobstructed flow of the anaesthetic. The catheter can resist being squeezed off when the patient is in an unfavourable position. It is particularly suitable for long-term treatment in pain therapy and plexus anaesthesia.

Kit consisting of PlexoLong NanoLine cannula optional with three different tip designs and PlexoLong Sono catheter.

Ultrasound visibility

The PlexoLong Sono catheter is manufactured from echogenic material and graduated along the first 30 cm, which simplifies positioning and identification under ultrasound.

Unobstructed flow

Its integrated stainless steel helical coil provides the PlexoLong Sono catheter with the highest degree of mobility and simultaneous kinking resistancy. The best requirements for the unobstructed flow of anaesthesia for continuous applications and the safe connection of the catheter to the injection pump.

Soft, flexible catheter tip

The steel stylet ends 1 cm before reaching the catheter tip, which leaves the tip soft and flexible. This raises the flexibility during the insertion of the catheter and reduces the risk of unintentional injuries of vessels.

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